Branding Services

A listing of rates and services is on this page.

If you are concerned about your project budget, let me know. My consulting services may be a solution for your project.

For an estimate, contact me with a description of your project.

Logo Design

I will design one logo and provide high- and low-resolution JPG and PNG files in three sizes.


Banner Design

I will design one banner for your social media profile, YouTube channel, Twitch channel, Etsy shop, online store etc.


Print Branding Package

I will design one logo, one business card, and one additional item (poster, brochure, invite, advertisement).


Online Branding Package

I will design one logo, one banner, and 6 social posts*.


  • * Purchased time (web design, posting, graphic design) expires 1 year from the date of purchase. Use it all at once, or spread it out over the course of the year. After purchase, you will receive a monthly email informing you of the time remaining in your account.