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Exploring the Kindle

Until today, I have largely ignored the Kindle and everything associated with it. I know a few people with them and I've casually asked if they like the devices. I've only heard positive comments about it so far. I've also seen the links to books offered in Kindle formats. I've participated in discussions of possible uses for the Kindle, too. Cookbooks are at the top of my list.

One of the reasons I have not taken to the time to investigate the Kindle is that I cannot figure out when or where I would use it (same goes for MP3 players). I simply do not have time to use these new devices. I read a lot as part of my day job. I read a lot as part of my freelance writing research. I do not have time for pleasure reading. Most likely a Kindle would become a very expensive storage device for reference material. In my mind, that equates to the Internet. All roads lead back to just using my computer and a browser for the same function. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone who uses a computer regularly needs to buy a Kindle.

So, what happened today? I found out there are free Kindle reading apps for your PC and mobile devices. This opened an entirely new thought about the technology. I would be likely to purchase an electronic book to read on my computer or PDA. This is especially true because Kindle books tend to be cheaper than traditional books. So, my interest is peaked. I need to know if there's an app for Windows Mobile. I need to know what books of interest might be available in Kindle format. There is some writing research I could do offline using reference books.

So, I still don't actually want a Kindle device. But I'm going to explore the technology. I happen to have an Amazon gift card at the moment. Maybe I'll get myself a Kindle book. The jury is still out on MP3 players. So far, they are great storage devices for road trips or for shuffling music between work and home. Then there's the iPad. I can't even figure out how I would comfortably use such a device. I can rarely get comfortable with a laptop on my lap. Why would I want to hold up just a screen? Weird. Once again... the iPad may be useful in the kitchen for cookbooks and online recipes. Beyond that, why not just my laptop?


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