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The Writing Conundrum

So, as I wrote in an earlier post, I have begun to do quite a bit of writing. I know... you can't tell that from reading this blog. But, truthfully, I have been doing some writing. I am even getting paid for it. The problem is that I have not yet gotten much satisfaction from it. Writing is something I can do. I don't always want to do it, but I do it anyway, for a variety of reasons. Right now, I do it because I could use the extra money.

I thought writing would be like graphic design. Since I can do it easily, I could do it in the background. That way I can fill my "empty" (read: time I am watching TV restlessly) time with writing when I'm bored with graphic design or other projects. Writing doesn't really lend itself to that. I cannot write and watch TV or even really pay attention to anything else. So, it's an all consuming activity. Finding time to do something like that isn't easy, and it competes with other types of all consuming activities, like cleaning or sleeping. I thought writing might be a good candidate for low level multitasking, but it isn't.

So, in light of that, I'm frustrated with writing. It won't stop me from doing it, but my output is slower. I think for the next week I will focus on some graphics work. I need to add some new products to my Zazzle store and create a brand new store for Pug Market.


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