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A Long Week

I have been derailed from my web projects this week, due to a family medical emergency. For that matter, I've been derailed from any offline projects, too.

The good news is that I have had plenty of time to read and make lists of things so I can just do them when I get a chance. I've tried to use my time wisely to do research.

I have a new system for organizing my tasks. Since I still struggle with beating my multitasking habit, I figured I can at least be organized. Here's what I've been doing...

I have several projects going on (online, offline, at home and at work). I use notepad to keep my thoughts, notes and todos for these projects. When I have time to do something, I open my ToDo folder and pick a file and do the things listed. Once they are done, I delete the item.

The only problem with the system, is that I may need to keep a record of what was done. I may start just marking things as Done, instead of deleting them. For now, it's working out great, though.

TGIF! Hopefully my weekend will be nice and calm.


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