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Internet Marketing Review - 5 Bucks A Day, Jr.

I recently read Dennis Becker's, 5 Bucks a Day, jr. - How Just $5.00 a Day Can Make You Rich.

This report is targeted at the self-starter (like me), or someone who wants the information and has the motivation to use it to jump into internet marketing. The idea is that self-starters would like to get into business for as little money as possible. Thus, the low price of this report - under $10.

The report is full of information about how to get started in internet marketing. Not only that, but it explains how to organize yourself so that you can get your projects done. This valuable information is useful for any projects you have, online or offline.

Becker explains his strategy for identifying potential projects, focusing on them and determining their success. His main point is to tackle one project at a time, and he gives you the roadmap to do so.

There are numerous resources described in the report. Some are free and some are paid. All have descriptions of their usefulness and effort level. Becker even goes as far as to tell you which paid resources are valuable to someone just starting out and which ones should be purchased only after you are earning income from your projects.

Ultimately, if you follow the guide and tackle one $5/day project at a time, you will eventually have enough streams of $5 income to generate thousands per day.

It made sense to me. I have already started following his strategy, and I am already showing productivity. I've increased my blog posting frequency and I've been able to focus my research efforts. I'm staying organized, and I'm able to launch my projects on a regular basis. Admittedly, I'm not at the project per week level yet, but I am satisfied with my progress after only 1 month of reading his strategy.

It's not that the information contained in the report is not freely available online. It's just that it is not compiled together in one neatly packaged strategy that you can use as a reference. I had read most of Becker's ideas on various blogs, on forums and in articles. However, they weren't organized in a way that made sense to me or that called me to action.

This report will get you moving. After reading it once (I recommend reading it multiple times), you will be motivated to do something towards your goals.

According to Becker, this report is just the strategy portion of his popular internet marketing guide, 5 Bucks a Day. The full version gets you a lifetime admission to his membership site plus free access other useful resources, including products with resell rights.

Next I will upgrade to the full version. I'll review that at a later date.


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