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Business Education on a Budget

I am a self learner. Many of the most important career skills I use every day have started through self-learning. Often I will follow tutorials, read articles or books when I want to know more about a subject. Since I'm a hands on, visual learner, I like tutorials or interactive modules the best. In any case, I love the fact that the internet has some wonderful resources to support my ongoing self-education. Just today I found an interesting site for Business Education - Personal MBA. As people close to me know, I am not a big fan of traditional MBA programs. I think they are not necessary and often I think the credential is overused. That's not to say that they completely lack value. I just cannot justify the expense for the payoff. Most practical business education is not something you need to learn in the classroom. At the end of most of my courses, I have found that I have been exposed to information that is common sense, logical and that I have been using in other parts of my life already. At the most, I have merely learned new terms for simple concepts. I might have been exposed to some new uses for these concepts, too. But, I am rambling. The point I'm trying to make is that sites like Personal MBA are useful for those of use who can efficiently work through a suggested reading list and gain knowledge on our own time and prioritized however we want. The site's suggested reading list contains the information you need to gain a better understanding of the business world.
I'm going to try to read these books. I'd like to say by the end of the year. But I can't promise that. I am pretty busy, and haven't managed to carve out book-reading time. But I would like to start the process. It will at least provide some structure for my goal of reading more career books.
By the way, I found this site by reading a blog post about sticking to your goals from one of my favorite personal finance blogs - Lazy Man and Money.


wow , i needed some insight in business education . I never had time to get formal business education.

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