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Saving Money on Insurance

Today's deep life thought is about insurance.

TV ads are always encouraging you to get a new insurance quote. What if you're happy with your current quote? For instance, my current auto insurance carrier makes me happy. I get a discount for having my renters insurance with them and my rates seem to go down each year. Because they keep going down, I have actually been able to lower my deductible and add more coverage. At this point I am paying the same rate I started with for just my car, and getting about 5 extra things. It's great. Plus, when I switched to this company, I saved a lot of money then. So, I'm not sure I feel like requoting.

On the other hand, I do need to address life insurance better. I know we don't have enough in our household, and I've been trying to get some more for a while. Maybe this company can help me save money on insurance? Maybe they can tell me the insurance plan pros and cons. Maybe they can explain what kind of family insurance I need. Maybe once I know these things they can help me lower my insurance premium. The website looks pretty interesting. It has a lot of information to read, without even having to register with them. That's a plus with me, because I am more likely to have someone contact me if they let me do some learning at my own pace. A lot of my questions were answered, too, like the difference between term and whole life insurance, how I can get my rates lowered and why I need life insurance. The information was helpful. The site seems to provide quotes from different insurance companies, so that is an added value.

In any case, I'll continue my research. Maybe this is another way I can save money.


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