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Craft Hunting at the Library

The Craft Hunt

Today I'm on another craft hunt. I'm about to pull out my sewing machine to do some much needed project work (I have a backlog unfortunately), so I thought I'd get some inspiration by checking out some more craft books from the library. As always, I'm looking for ways to use recycled fabrics. Since I'm recycling fabric, I'm likely to end up with pieces no larger than a fat quarter. So, all of the books are about just that. How to make things using scraps and fat quarters and how to do them quickly. I'm determined to practice more writing than blogging, so I'll write some book reviews, too. Here's the first book I've reviewed on Amazon - Last Minute Fabric Gifts. The books I've selected so far today are:

Country Fabric Scrap Crafts
Fabric Leftovers
Very Easy Crazy Patchwork
Simple Strategies for Scrap Quilts
the impatient patchworker
Fat Quarter small quilts
Save this Shirt

The jury is still out on the best way to obtain my recycled fabric. So far, I have gone through my own clothes and bought clothes from the Salvation Army. I can't wait until it warms up so I can shop at yard sales. For years I've been passing up those late in the day bag-o-clothes bargains. Now I'll be on the prowl. I'm sure there's something to it. To be safe, for now I'm only buying good quality fabric like corduroy, denim and suit material (don't know what to call this category yet). I'm wondering about sheets, curtains and other household fabric items, though. They tend to product larger pieces, and might be just as good.

The Library

On another note - I'm at the library. My reasons are two fold. One is because of cost. I can't afford to buy books all the time. Two is because I'm experimenting with the Library's wireless. I'm convinced I could free up some dollar to pay down my debt by getting rid of my internet. As much as I will hate not having high speed at home, the $45 pricetag is just too high right now. Unfortunately, I can't go back to dialup either, because I don't have a land line. I am looking into access via my cellphone, but that is more expensive than what I have now. So, I may be online at the library only.

There are some benefits to this, though. It will make me be more organized because I can only upload my blog posts, photos, etc. when I'm there. I'll have to just write and save it in my word processor. That might be good, too. I'll spend less time just wandering online. More focus is better.

The downside is that I'll have to plan to go to the library. It's not open 24 hrs or even that late. On Sunday, it's only open for a little while. Also, I can only do so many things at the library. I can't cook, eat or talk on the phone. hmm... it will be interesting.

It'll all be worth it in the name of getting out of debt. I will keep reading my feeds from my favorite personal finance blogs and stay motivated. For now, I need to go home, I guess. Enough playing hooky in the library for a Saturday.


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