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The Blogging Lag....Upcoming Topics

The blog as a daily collection of my thoughts is not working out. I'm not surprised. Historically, it takes me twice as long as anyone else to form a habit. Not sure why, especially because I am always on the prowl for new, improved, more efficient, cost-effective habits in the areas of home organizing, personal finance, productivity, health, for example. It's especially sad because I am set up to directly post emails. Not sure why i can't bring myself to do that. I can even do it from my phone. I will try harder. I must be over-thinking it.

I haven't blogged in a while, but I have a growing list of topics. Allegedly, making lists of topics is a bad idea according to some reading I did about better ways to blog. What I should be doing, is making blog posts out of my topic ideas, soliciting comments and then expanding the topics with future posts that link back to the original one. That will increase my posting frequency and thus support my habit formation. I'll try that.

Hold on for a bumpy ride. I'm still trying to find my niche. The most successful blogs are niche blogs. I am notorious for not being able to find my niche so far in my career and creative life, so this will be interesting.

So, I think for now, I will start with a list (oh no!) of upcoming topics just so this info doesn't fall out of my head or I lose all of my paper scraps. Check back for future expansion on these ideas:

Recycling CDs - I needed to do some CD burning, and of course, there are always a few duds on the spindle. I pondered what to do with these. I hate to throw anything away. I have been looking for creative ideas in this area.

Funny News - I think I should share what I find funny in the news. I don't read much news, but I bet I read more funny news than serious stuff (like the election...boring... not unimportant, but boring). To start with take this news story. Be careful who your friends are?

Blogging Tools - I am still looking for ways to help me be a better blogger. For starters, I am now using That is a huge help. I was hesitant to use my favorites, because I use multiple computers and it's inefficient. I have found a good solution for now. I'm still tweaking my organization strategy, but it's a good content management exercise.

Technical Writing - I fell into it, and it's a constant learning experience. Subtopics will be Career Paths, Content Management, Workflow Issues and Usability.

Crafts - I love crafts. I like doing stuff. I also like repurposing, recycling and reusing found items. So I'll write about it.

Dogs - Anybody who knows me knows about my dogs.

Bowling - The one physical activity I don't mind.

Career - I don't know what I want to be or where to go next. It's time to get another job or figure out how to live without a job.

Technology - I love it. I'm a gadget freak. If I had more disposable income, I'd join in on the technology race (think like an arms race) going on in my family. Being at the tail-end of that race has it's advantages. I get a lot of feedback about various gadgets without having to use them or get frustrated trying. Saves me time reading user reviews.

Strange questions - Why don't we have sliding doors? Flying cars? Replicators? and other sci-fi things? What was the first toilet paper like? Why aren't our cell phones strapped to our wrists like wrist-communicators? Personally, I wouldn't mind a wrist strap for those days when I have no pockets. Why do things have to be hanging on my waist? Why not around my neck?

Finally, I'm sure I'll post on life, love and the pursuit of happiness...animal? mineral? vegetable?

OK... enough rambling.


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