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Alternative Income

So, today's topic is alternative income. I've decided that while I should get a part time job to supplement my income and pay down my debt, I really don't want to. I have several reasons:

  • I don't need another boss

  • I don't need another schedule to manage

  • My current full time job makes me cranky and incapable of doing ANY customer service afterwards

  • I want some flexibility

So, I'm looking for something different. Don't think I don't want to work. I do. I don't mind doing some graphic design, technical writing or some sort of freelance work. I would like to find something I can do from home, online that is flexible. So, that's what I'm looking for today. Maybe I need to find 10 of these things, but I have to start somewhere.

So far, I have my gallery on Zazzle, which is making me a small amount of money. That is a long term income source. It's going to take time and constant development to get going.

I have an Amazon affiliate account, too. But that's another long term thing.

But it's a start. When I find something else that's working, I'll be sure to write about it. I'm sure there's something I can do to get paid to surf, write, and generally be myself. Lofty goals...


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