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My Wishlist - December 2007

Ok... so I've been asked about my personal wishlist. I'm not going to list everything, and it's not a prioritized list. But this is what I want for Christmas, birthdays, or any time anyone's trying to figure out:
Note: This posting is definitely subject to editing...

  • A Nintendo Wii - I finally got to play one. I think it's great. It gets you off the couch and doesn't wear out your thumbs. Plus, the games are as hard as my PSP games. Good luck finding one, though. I did find a site which will email or text you when systems are available online. There are others out there. A subject for a future posting...

  • Automotive Accessories - A car stereo that plays MP3 CDs, has an auxiliary input, a USB port and is also an HD radio would be nice. Also remote start would be nice, since I have no garage at home or work.

  • A Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Vacuum - Our cheapy vacuum just died, and this is the one I want. We seem to use up vacuum cleaners. Plus I have about 200 lbs of dog in my house...

  • A second vehicle, something gas efficient and low maintenance or a pickup truck for my husband - We have been sharing a vehicle for over a year now. It's getting old.

  • A 160 GB iPod Classic - It's not so much that I have a lot of time to listen, but I want to put my media collection in a single place and be able to access it when I do have time. I don't have time to pick and choose and make playlists, because my device only holds 16 GB. I also don't want to have 100 1 GB SD cards.

  • Games for the PS2 that get you moving - This would include Guitar Hero (with the Guitar), DDR, Eye Toy, etc.

  • A good digital camera - It doesn't have to be an SLR, but I wouldn't mind one. It just needs to have better than average zoom, because I take flower photos, and take good action shots (for my dogs).

  • Gift Cards - Before you groan, here's why - I love to shop. To me, it's not about unwrapping something in a box, as much as the gift that keeps on giving. I don't allow myself to shop most of the time, so a gift card lets me do it guilt-free. Favorite stores: Land's End, Sears, L.L. Bean, Target, Lane Bryant, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Pier One, Best Buy, Amazon, Ikea.

  • Entertainment Gifts - Netflix gift subscription. I have an existing subscription, but it would be nice if someone chipped in to give me a break! Movie Gallery is nearby, too. Movie tickets are nice, because I won't buy them for myself. Dave & Buster's is nice, too. I have a wishlist at Amazon for books, cds, etc., too.

  • Sewing/Craft supplies - A gift card to JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels would be nice. I have just gotten a sewing machine...

Ok, enough for now.


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