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It's Time For Some Funny

Sometimes, I just need a little funny in my life.

I had a long day, and I just felt the fun was sucked out of me. So, I found myself surfing the web for funny mugs and gifts. Ok, it was partly research for a project I'm working on, but it was fun!

Here are some of the best that I found today.

This mug summed up my workday. I usually communicate this way at work. I'm a writer, not a speaker.

Technical Writer Coffee Mug
by Writersfort
These seem appropriate for work, too.

One last work-related mug that made me giggle...

This is a common theme lately....I would crack up if I pulled up behind a car with this sticker. I'm working on fixing this situation. I just seem to have a bit of a travel bug.

Out Of Money Experience Funny Bumper Sticker
by pjwuebker

This mug reminded me that Father's Day is coming soon. I need to look for some Father's Day gifts soon. I think I have some Dads in mind for this one.
World's Greatest Farter Coffee Mug
by SarcasticSmiles
For that matt…

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